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** Trying out TeX **

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TeX Showcase
LaTeX Sample
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  For a first look at the capabilities of TeX, click on the "TeX Showcase" and "Welcome to TeX! Now What?" links to the left and right. TeX is very versatile and can be used to typeset beautiful documents in many languages and in different fields (mathematics, astronomy, physics, chemistry, biology, linguistics, etc.). Samples of TeX documents in these fields can be found by visiting the TeX Showcase webpage.

  To get started using TeX on Mac OSX, find the icon for the TeXShop program in the TeX subfolder of your Applications folder and drag this icon to the dock. You will interact with TeX using this program. Click on its icon to open TeXShop. Read the documentation under the TeXShop Help menu to start typesetting with TeX.

Welcome to TeX! Now What?
Welcome to MacTeX! Now What
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  To learn how to write in TeX, you need to read an instruction book. TeX is the same on all platforms, so any book on TeX will do. Some of the books commonly recommended are listed here.