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* MacTeX Distribution Support *

Use this form to submit questions about the MacTeX Distribution
or send email to:
< mactex-supportemailtug.org >

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If you are having problems with the downloaded MacTeX.pkg file
first try to get help by reading the
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ),
about downloading problems.

Otherwise, before completing the form please
read this note ...
especially if you need support for general typesetting questions
rather than installation questions.

 Your Name:

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 Subject Title: (short)

 What Mac Computer? (PPC or Intel Mac. Give Model):

 What Mac OS X Operating System? (e.g., 10.3 and above):

 Installer Problem? If yes, check the box and complete this section.
But first, did you check that the pkg file has the correct md5 checksum as
explained on the downloading page? If the checksum is not correct try
downloading again from a different mirror site.

 MacTeX.pkg download file size?

 MacTeX-2xxx.pkg version date [ check "Get Info" ]?

 Where downloaded from [ which CTAN site ]?

 Application Problem? If yes, check the box and complete this section.
 Which Application/Version?

 Question or Comment?
Please do not include long .console files here. Send a short example by
separate email directly to the address at the top of this webpage after
you submit the form. Alternatively, post your (.tex, .pdf, .log) files on a
webpage so the original source files you are using are accessible for
someone to review. This would help us to better understand the problem.


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