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We are grateful to many people in the TeX Live and MacTeX communities who have contributed much to make the MacTeX Distribution a reality. In particular, we wish to acknowledge the hard work, diligence, patience, and generosity of some of the principal developers and volunteers.

The MacTeX Installer package itself was whipped out in one productive overnight session by Jonathan Kew in June 2005 at the Practical TeX meeting in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA. Jonathan is also the developer of The XeTeX Typesetting System and of the TeXworks front end.

The first version (2005-2006) was originally based on the teTeX (re)Distribution by Gerben Wierda. Since 2007 the MacTeX package has been based on the TeX Live Distribution from the TeX Users Group (TUG). TeX Live was originally developed by Sebastian Rahtz and is currently maintained by Karl Berry, Norbert Preining, Staszek Wawrykiewicz and a cast of thousands.

The TeX Distribution data structure in MacTeX was designed by Gerben Wierda and Jerome Laurens. Gerben is the developer of the i-Installer program used to install TeX on the Macintosh before the creation of MacTeX. Jerome is the developer of the front-end iTeXMac.

Richard Koch, creator of the front-end TeXShop, maintains the MacTeX Installer package and keeps it synchronized with the TeX Live and GUI program updates. He has done a phenomenal job in making the switch-over to the TeX Live Distribution in two months and at very short notice.

Herb Schulz is the editor of the MacTeXtras, which provides the Demos, Documentation, and the Extras---GUI applications that are useful in getting started with using TeX. Behind the scenes, there are volunteer contributors such as Peter Dyballa, Bob Kerstetter (writer), Will Robertson, Maarten Sneep, Bruno Voisin, and others in the MacTeX Technical Working Group.

Karl Berry helps to administer the TUG server that hosts MacTeX, and to disseminate the MacTeX distribution to TeX users and User Groups as part of the TeX Collection. Karl has served as a dedicated and active member of the board of directors of TUG for many years and has served terms as President of TUG.

Wendy McKay, the original driving force leading to the creation of MacTeX and the associated TeX Install Package, maintained the web page and MacTeX support system for many years.

We thank them for providing us with these tools which make it possible for us to produce beautiful typeset documents with ease on the Mac. We also thank the astonishing TeX community who provide feedback during the testing phases and support to users through the mailing lists.

Grand Wizard Don Knuth
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Last, but not least, we thank the grand wizard Don Knuth for giving us the amazing TeX typesetting system, without which none of this would have been possible.

February 26, 2007